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Across California, people are standing up and fighting against racial disparities entrenched in our state. You can always get the latest news, updates, and reports from RACE COUNTS here.

Data on Land Cover Shows Areas with Pollution and Heat Concerns, Racial Disparities

Racial disparities in access to greenspace, and the resulting heat, pollutants, and lack of recreational space, are the result of past racism in housing and zoning laws and extralegal discrimination that kept people of color out of more affluent, suburban neighborhoods.

Blog 05-14-2024

Palmdale, Once Affordable for Families, Now Struggles with High Housing Costs

Palmdale needs policies that tackle the housing crisis by addressing the housing supply and wage stagnation issues.

Blog 02-06-2024

Data For Nearly 500 California Cities Now Available on RACE COUNTS

In addition to state and county-level data, RACE COUNTS now has racial disparity and outcomes data for nearly 500 California cities.

Blog 01-23-2024

Webinar On 11/7: Findings and Recommendations from the 2023 RACE COUNTS Annual Report

Join the RACE COUNTS team and our partners for a webinar on 11/7 from 12:00pm-1:00pm (PT) as we share key findings and recommendations about housing, economic opportunity, education, and the criminal justice system.

Blog 11-02-2023

RACE COUNTS 2023 Annual Report

In a world where information is power, understanding the racial disparities that persist in our communities is paramount.

Report 10-29-2023

New RACE COUNTS Report Spotlights Racial Disparities That Have Devastated Californians Of Color And Offers Opportunities For Change

The RACE COUNTS 2023 Annual Report highlights racial disparities in economic opportunity, housing, education, and crime and justice. It also provides analysis on overall racial disparity and outcomes for regions and counties across the state.

Blog 10-25-2023

Innovative Partnership Uplifts Data And Stories Of American Indian / Alaska Native Resilience 

The California Native Vote Project, in partnership with the California Consortium for Urban Indian Health, RACE COUNTS, and a team of American Indian / Alaska Native (AIAN) contributing authors developed a ground breaking report highlighting not only data on AIAN disparities but, more importantly, also stories of AIAN resilience.

Case Study 10-23-2023

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