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Webinar On 11/7: Findings and Recommendations from the 2023 RACE COUNTS Annual Report

Join the RACE COUNTS team and our partners for a webinar on 11/7 from 12:00pm-1:00pm (PT) as we share key findings and recommendations about housing, economic opportunity, education, and the criminal justice system.

Blog 11-02-2023

New RACE COUNTS Report Spotlights Racial Disparities That Have Devastated Californians Of Color And Offers Opportunities For Change

The RACE COUNTS 2023 Annual Report highlights racial disparities in economic opportunity, housing, education, and crime and justice. It also provides analysis on overall racial disparity and outcomes for regions and counties across the state.

Blog 10-25-2023

Updated RACE COUNTS Data Shows Racial Disparities Across The Criminal Legal System 

RACE COUNTS recently updated the data behind three of the four Crime and Justice indicators and the overall Crime & Justice Index.

Blog 11-10-2022

Updated RACE COUNTS Housing Data Finds Significant Racial Disparities In Housing Cost Burden 

RACE COUNTS recently added a new Housing indicator and updated the data behind 8 of the previous 9 Housing indicators.

Blog 11-10-2022

Updated RACE COUNTS Data Finds Racial Disparities In Key Democracy Indicators 

As millions of Californians track their mail-in ballots or head to the polls, it is important to recognize that not everyone has the same opportunity to participate in our democracy.

Blog 11-08-2022

NEW FEATURE: RACE COUNTS’ Data Can Now Be Filtered by Race

Today, Catalyst California’s RACE COUNTS initiative launched its latest update that allows users to filter critical data by race.

Blog 05-10-2022

New RACE COUNTS Data Spotlights Conditions That Made COVID-19 Deadlier For People Of Color

Today, the RACE COUNTS initiative released its data reload that shows the extraordinary harm inflicted on low-income communities of color during the COVID-19 pandemic was the product of racist policies and practices embedded within and across our public and private institutions. 

Blog 12-15-2021

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