Economic Opportunity

Why this issue matters for racial equity?

Despite legal advances to provide de jure equal employment opportunities, poverty rates for Black children have only risen over the past 30 years. People of color are at a significant disadvantage compared to White families, who have accumulated wealth over generations due to racial discrimination in employment, housing discrimination and government services.


Policy levers:

Community based advocates across the state are working towards the elimination of disparities in our job markets, capital markets, and wealth accumulation.



Employment, median household income, cost-of-living-adjusted poverty, below federal poverty level, food security, workforce in professional and managerial positions, internet access, denied mortgage applications, and business ownership.

Key Takeaways

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Almost one in four Black and Native American households live below poverty.
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Business Owners
For every 1,000 Asians in California, 26 own businesses; whereas for Blacks and Latinos only four out of 1,000 are business owners.
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Representation in Management
Ten out of 100 Whites are employed as officials or managers while only three out of 100 Latinos hold similar occupations.
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Economic Opportunity

Different industries have largely failed to meet the needs of diverse racial groups in spite of legal advancements to provide de jure equal opportunity for all workers.

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