Health Care Access

Why this issue matters for racial equity?       

A majority of uninsured Californians are people of color, who are denied access to basic health care services due to affordability, employment and/or citizenship status. This results in racial and ethnic disparities in health outcomes, such as higher rates of adverse birth outcomes and chronic diseases.


Policy levers:

Current campaigns include health care coverage for all Californians at the national and statewide levels, as well as County efforts to increase funding to provide uninsured residents with health care services through medical safety net programs.



Life expectancy, health insurance, access to federally qualified health centers, preventable hospitalizations, low birthweight, and usual source of care.

Key Takeaways

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Life Expectancy
Asians have the longest life expectancy at 80.2 years, while Pacific Islanders have the second lowest at 72.6 years.
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The low birthweight rate for babies born to African-American mothers is 9.5 or higher in every county in the state, while the state average rate is only 6.8.

Racial Disparity Across Indicators

Lowest Disparity
Highest Disparity
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Health Care Access

Life expectancy rates are a measure often used to assess the quality of social and economic conditions.

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