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  Affordable Housing Income Left After Housing Costs (Owner)
  Affordable Housing Income Left After Housing Costs (Renter)
  Displacement Foreclosure Rate
  Displacement Subprime Mortgage Loans
  Housing Quality Housing Quality
  Wealth Accumulation Homeownership
Healthy Built Environment
  Transportation Commute Time of Public Transportation Users
  Land Use Park Access (Recreational Parks)
  Land Use Food Access
  Environment Drinking Water Contaminants
  Environment Toxic Releases from Facilities
  Environment Proximity to Hazards
Economic Opportunity
  Income & Mobility Employment
  Income & Mobility Median Household Income
  Income & Mobility Poverty
  Income & Mobility Officials and Managers
  Income & Mobility Internet Access
  Income & Mobility Denied Mortgage Applications
Mobility Commute Time to Work
  Wealth Accumulation Business Ownership
Crime and Justice
  Prison Pipeline Truancy Arrests
  Prison Pipeline Curfew Arrests
  Crime Perception of Safety
  Policing Fatalities from Police Encounters
  Policing Diversity of Police
  Incarceration Incarceration
  Reentry Services Lack of Access to Reentry Services
Health Access
  Overall Health Life Expectancy
  Access to Care Health Insurance
  Access to Care Access to Federally Qualified Health Centers
  Access to Care Preventable Hospitalizations
  Access to Care Low Birthweight
  Access to Care Usual Source of Care
  Achievement / Outcomes High School Graduation
  Achievement / Outcomes Math Proficiency
  Achievement / Outcomes English Proficiency
  Achievement / Outcomes Suspensions
  Access to High Quality Opportunity Teacher Diversity
  Access to High Quality Opportunity Early Childhood Education Access
  Political Participation Voting in Presidential Elections
  Political Participation Voting in Midterm Elections
  Political Participation Registered Voters
  Political Participation Census Participation
  Representative Democracy Diversity of Elected Officials